I plan to learn and set new goals forever! 

In the past 5 year I have devoted long periods of time to various nutritional methods all with the foundation of high quality, real food.

Paleo, Whole 30, Zone, Whole life challenge, Carb Backloading, Macronutrient counting with MyFitnessPal, ProCoach program with Precision Nutrition where I completed my Level 1 certificate as well, Eyeball method with food journaling, Fast Metabolism program and carbohydrate cycling, timing methods, Zone again, and now I’m expanding my experiences to try out Renaissance Periodization. 

Why? Am I crazy? Am I a trend dieter? Why on earth would I do this, especially when I have been happily Zoning for months now and don’t REALLY want to switch what I’m doing! 

I have sought out various methods and programs to gain all the education and experience I can because I’m very passionate about helping others find what works for them and their lifestyle. It’s my goal to keep learning for the rest of my life and helping as many people along the way as I possibly can. 

Love what you do and work is fun!!!

Please contact me for any questions regarding your nutrition or fitness goals.



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