Snack satisfied 

Sometimes snacks end up boring or they are let’s face it… junk food! 

Here’s a couple snack time tips! 

1. Add a vegetable or fruit. These foods are fiber and nutrient dense so they burn slower and last longer. Examples: raw cut bell peppers, baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, snap peas, berries, apples etc etc etc! 

2. Get some lean protein in there. Protein comes in many forms so don’t live on chicken breast and get burned out on the same old thing. Try a variety of good quality protein sources. Examples: No nitrate Deli meats and jerky, grilled lean meats, high quality dairy such as goat cheese, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt.

3.  Get a little good fat to help you have that lasting fullness. Examples: Nut butters, olives, hummus

Portions depend on the person! 

Happy snacking 


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