Eat Classy

I have experimented with many methods of dieting to figure out what my body responds to, but even more so what works for my mind! If you are always looking at what the latest and greatest new diet is, don’t be afraid to try new options but realize that success comes with you being in a healthy place mentally and physically. Not just a number on the scale or a certain size of jeans. 

Along my journey of nutritional highs and lows, the biggest thing I promote is not an app or an elaborate eating schedule, it’s eating high quality foods. 

Years ago I read this quote by Coach Greg Glassman discussing food quality;

“Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar” 

Nothing flashy about it, just simple guidelines that can take anyone to a better place with food. 

So, regardless of which method you choose to follow, search for what’s right for you and no one else! 


One thought on “Eat Classy

  1. Nice!! I actually no longer feel fear about how to improve on my health for my life. I have amazing choices. Thanks for what you do! It’s inspiring, you remind me so much of my niece Ashlea. who is also on a mission to help her family and friends become healthy and it is also her life’s career choice. 💪😊

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