Open door policy

A peek inside our fridge. It’s probably too chaotic for some to look at, but I know the system 😊

I get asked more than any other question, “what do you eat?”  I’m always open to exposing what I eat and the methods I use with my diet. Nutrition is so individual that you can’t just copy someone else’s meal plans and hope to have the same results. However what you can bank on is eating real food! By that I mean food that is in its most natural state and not been altered or tampered with. 

Our fridge does not contain the perfect grocery list! But it is a guarantee that when you open up these doors you will find a big variety of vegetables, fruits, and protein sources!!! 

So when I tell people what I eat, often I think they see it as a disappointment, they want a magic solution… real food is that solution! Start clearing out the junk for you and your family and the benefits will come. 


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