My own mean girl! 

I have had a long journey over the years, learning about myself and fighting with the mean girl in my head! People assume I coach others with nutrition because I’ve got all the answers and I have everything together….

This is absolutely not true! I have devoted a lot of hours learning, experimenting and going through ups and downs, and that’s why I am passionate about sharing and helping others. Because I relate and I care. 

Often we just stress and hate on ourselves, dwelling on every mistake and failure. Thw obstacles will never go away. We will always have stress, social events, weekends, vacation, pms!!! So instead of beating yourself up every other week, equip yourself with the tools to face those obstacles with a balanced approach and a healthier self view. 

That’s what I want for myself! More than a certain weight on the scale or a specific size, more than abs (yes, even ABS) 

Try our 1year program, decide to love yourself more!

Xo- N

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