Be a scientist! 

Nutrition can get overwhelming! There’s so many methods and a vast amount of information out there! So what is best for you???

You can geek out big time into nutrition and the human body, but if you prefer to keep it simple… put the chalk down, climb off the ladder and let’s take an easy scientific approach being your own experiment. 

Decide what you’d like to observe or learn about. (Could dairy be upsetting my stomach?” or “What happens to my energy levels during the day?” Etc.)

Gather data. Observe, write things down, give yourself some clear information.

Analyze your data. Do you notice any patterns or red flags?
Interpret your data. What does this information tell you about yourself? What do you think it means?

Decide what to do next, based on the data you collected, now you can make an actual informed decision for YOU! 

Wear a lab coat for extra credit!!! 

Xo- N

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