Eating Out and On the Go

Most weekends I travel for work, so that means restaurant food, airport hustle, and not being able to be as controlled with my meals as I am at home. 

Although that does pose a challenge, learn to navigate your nutritional choices no matter what situation you happen to be in at meal time. 

What can you control? How fast you eat, how much you eat, choosing the smartest options possible…. yes you can! 

There’s always an excuse available to justify poor decisions. Instead of excuses, sabbatoage or the whole post food guilt session, just learn to do your best and be ok with that. Nutrition is not pass or fail!! It’s consistently making the best choices day after day and not being perfect. In fact that will likely just make you miserable. 

Friday nights on the go dinner from Jason’s Deli: Super Slaw Kale and Salmon Salad… AMAZING!!! 

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